May 17


The magical deer travels through the forest with it’s golden antlers. This deer is targeted by many hunters but not one has succeeded to put hand on the deer’s antlers. But one hunter, Eric, had seen this deer frolicking in the forest. He saw the gold on that deer and he knew he needed it.

Eric got all his friends together for the deer’s antlers but the deer was too strong, all the men that Eric had brought to the deer were now flying in the air. Eric barley escaped knowing an important thing- DON’T GO NEAR THAT DEER.

May 14


As cyclone Marco rampages through Darwin and leaves lot’s injured. But this wasn’t the only natural disaster that took place…

(colors still aren’t working for me)


Darwin had to wait in their little city as cyclone Marco smashes through the land leaving many homeless and around 23,000 homeless.

A deadly bush-fire hit Victoria and NSW. The bush-fire is believed to be caused by a lightning strike. It destroyed 70 homes and destroyed a few properties.

As for many properties were lost but people had other stories too. For instance 2 people said that a giant tree crushed their new house. They were meant to be celebrating their daughters birthday but instead they cleaned their house’s damage.


I understood how lucky I am to be out of the danger.

I understood how much damage was caused to Australia this weekend.


How does a lighting strike start a huge bush-fire?

May 8


It was Fred’s sisters birthday in 16 days! Fred was so exited that he bought her a present for her birthday on Amazon. Fred was eager for his package to arrive. He thought every day the package would be found laying at his door step but every morning there was no package.

15 days past and nothing happened. Fred was getting very frightened it wouldn’t come. He was enable to even concentrate but he was too frightened. It was time for bed for Fred

It was his sisters birthday and he got the package, “But when did it arrive? he said

May 1


Earthquakes can cost hundreds of lives and can do extreme damage. But these destructive seem to happen in some places more then others. Why?

Facts: I’ll say when. (Sorry, colours aren’t working still)

Understanding: I’ll say when

Question: I’ll say when

  • These are my facts:
  • Samoa and Sumatra where both hit by massive earthquakes over the course of a day causing extensive damage and wiping out hundreds of lives. This is because they are in a zone called ‘The ring of fire’. This is a horseshoe shaped ring where the giant tectonic plates that hold the earth together are unstable.
  • The ring of fire stretches from the bottom of Brazil, to the bottom of Alaska, and ends in New Zealand. This zone not only contains the most powerful earthquakes, but this ring also harbors massive tsunamis, volcanoes and other disasters caused after an earthquake.
  • Under the ground you think your safe. But you actually are standing on the crust of the earth, and below that there are different layers that get hotter the deeper they are until you reach pure magma.

I’m doing understandings now:

I understood how dangerous it would be to live on the ring of fire.

I understood how many lives the ring of fire puts in danger.

I’m doing my question now:

Why were Samoa and Sumatra both hit by really rare events (I mean big earthquakes) over the course of a day?


May 1


The planet was corrupting and most of the land is now a boring crimson. The world was sent into a panic getting all their scientists together to try and stop the corruption. They frantically rushed to find a way to stop the evil but all the scientists just came back with grave looks on their faces.

Horrible storms built up that made you blind with their misty clouds. Most people just shouted,

“it’s the end of the world!” not everyone believed this and tried to inform people on how it wasn’t the end. But the world was almost all crimson red and it was the end of the world…

April 30


As for many people fought for Australia in world war 1 and 2. But some soldiers didn’t make it home and their names are still not forgotten. (BTN link here:

Facts: Red (colors arn’t working, sorry)

Understandings: Green

Questions: blue

  • Facts: In world war one over 500,000 Australian soldiers fought for peace and harmony for our country and 60,000 died despite their efforts.
  • Cyril and Rufus were both aboriginal brothers that fought for the country and some rough battles. Sadly, both of them were killed in battle and are buried in Belgium.
  • Thousands of Australians go to Belgium each year to visit Rufus’s resting place and remember the how he saved the Country.
  • Understandings: I understood how lucky I am to be in Australia.
  • I understood how brave and bold the aboriginals and Australians were to risk their lives for us.
  • My question: Why were they brave enough to fight for the country? I wouldn’t.
April 23


“Pull lever 1!” demanded Arcbar as he continued to weld steel plates. Bolts of electricity shot out from the machine.

“Pull lever 2” More bolts violently shot out striking the robotic figure.

“Pull lever 3!” Arcbar was so exited to see robot walk out into the woods. So much electricity flew out of the robot that Arcbar thought it would explode. Then the robot turned to him,

“Hello, master.”

“It’s alive! Walk into the woods! Go! Go!” The robot immediately crashed into a tree and crashed to the ground. But as the robotic fell it’s legs somehow stuck to the tree as everything else crashed down.

“Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” Yelled Arcbar.


April 22


Bill and Jane were on a holiday in the Canadian forest. They were camping and it was getting colder and darker. The pair got ready for bed when they heard growling quite far away. Bill went out of the their little shack to see what it was.

“I think it was just the rustling of the berry bushes.” Then he heard it when there was absolutely no wind. He looked around very confused. Then he saw a big black bear.

“RUN” yelled Bill. Bill and Jill rushed to a tree. Although they were running they were not making enough progress. But they managed to climb up the tree in time…

April 22


Social media is a way of sharing news and family data to other people. But while you make new posts other people are using your data in other ways…

Facts: Red

Understandings: Understandings

Questions: Blue

You may know a few people addicted with social media. But as they collect likes and comments there are people collecting data about them and sending them ads that may catch their attention.

Christopher Wylie worked for a company called “Cambridge Analytica” and claimed that they were collecting data from social media inappropriately, and using this data to send pro Donald Trump ads to sway the outcome of the 2016 election.

Social media isn’t the only thing that collects data from those who use it. Online quizzes also do it. They may not seem like much but they usually require you make an account and put in some details which can then be used to collect data about you.

I understood how bad Cambridge Analytica was by collecting data like facebook but using it in a really bad way.

I understood why Facebook was collecting the data in the first place.

Why was Cambridge Analytica so pro Donald Trump?