February 21


Panting through the woods, Annabell rested on a large tree.

“WHO GOES THERE.” Boomed a loud noise. Annabell spun around, the tree was talking.

“I’m going insane.” Annabell said to herself.

“THE WITCHING HOURS!” The tree growled. Anna looked at her cracked watch, it was 12:00. She bolted away. A wooden figure stopped her.

“why are you running?” Questioned the alive sapling. Annabell screamed again. She tried to get out of the tree’s grasp, but she was stuck down.the tree let go,

“why are yo-” The figure turned back into a tree as if nothing happened. It was the weirdest night ever.

February 21

BTN: Cape Town Water Crisis

Recently, in Cape Town, South Africa, There has been severe water conditions, here are some troubles.

Facts: Green

Questions: Red

Understanding: Purple

Spanning for months, this drought has changed the lives of millions. Water conditions in Cape Town have become so severe that Water limits have maxed to 50 liters a day. I was confused about how much that was but it is a tiny amount. Just think about this, an short shower is a bit less than 2 liters of water! 25 showers is your daily amount…

Water is so precious that and running out so quickly water restrictions are increasing. July 4th will be called called day zero and water will be limited to 25 liters a day! That’s 12.5 showers a day… 

Cape Town is the first modern city of a reasonable size to have a serious drought.

What will the government do to save water and stop day zero from happening?

Why isn’t the government making water even stricter so they have more time to decide what to do before day zero?

I understood how bad it must to be a citizen and face these awful weather conditions. 

February 21

My SCR Application

Good afternoon 5/6B. Today I will be talking about why I will make an excellent choice to represent our class and our whole school by being an SRC.

My first point is I’ve never had even a slight leadership role. Not even green team! Being SRC would make we feel really good, anything that gives me even the slightest leadership role will make me feel confident.

My second point is how many ideas for the school that I could make a reality, A Doctor Seuss fundraiser where everyone dresses up in red and white stripes!

My third and last point is the fact that I get special opportunities that I am never able to do, for instance lead the school and have a pizza party!

Thank you listening to my points and I hope you vote for me!

February 12


I was playing in the backyard when it started to rain.  water seemed to come down stronger every second. Eventually, I was caught in a rainstorm. I struggled to withstand the rain and make it to the door.

A burst of water exploded on my shoe. I looked down.  it came down the drainpipe. The burst knocked me onto the ground and made me crawl to the door. The water’s current was too strong. I was forced backwards by the rain.

I fell in a trench and nearly twisted my ankle. I tried to move forward, but the rain gushed on…


February 11

100wc 12/2/2018

The tracks groaned as the carriage  slowly climbed the tracks. The tracks steady-ed out and we all saw the drop. The coaster clicked faster and faster as we started speeding down the rails, we we’re moving very fast when shortly after our descend.

The wind became stronger and stronger, eventually, the wind became so strong I felt as if I was in a ferocious hurricane. We came to a slower stage, at that point, I felt really sick. I got off the coaster and immediately Started falling all over the place, and I even fell in a fountain…

February 7

Some facts about Me

By Evan Valentine

I live in a family of 5, I Have an IPad and a computer, although, I can’t use them all the time.

I enjoyed my holidays, me and my family went on a “Holland America” cruise, it was a paradise. There was amazing free food, nice crew and lots of entertainment. We went on a course around new Zealand, to Tasmania, Melbourne and we ended in Sydney.

I have no pets, I really want one but my mum wont let. I want a hamster most of all. I am currently am reading a few novels, I’m half may through Rick Riordan’s series “Percy jackson”.

So those are some facts, you will learn more throughout the year. I hope you enjoyed!

December 12

Six Room Peoms

This is my poem:

This lesson is boring, we did it in the morning. Children are moaning, “why are we doing this?” “Stop it now!”

No light got in, no light got out as the rain poured down. Boring, Boring, Boring.

That’s my poem! Now you can read Isla’s, WARNING! If you get scared easily don’t read on!

In the middle of the night,  killer clowns are there.

you may be worried or scared.

dark and red is creeping up on you,

red balloons,  red balloons, red balloons

I hear a chainsaw coming for you!

November 22

BTN: Driverless Cars

Summary- Black

Recalls- blue

Insights- Green

Questions- pink

This BTN was about driverless cars and why they want to build them.

90% of crashes are caused by drivers.

Driverless cars could make the roads safer.

A driverless shuttle bus has recently been invent

I understood that Driverless cars are in the near future.

I understood that that cars are already getting advanced.

How long do they mean by a long time until driverless cars?

October 19

100 word challenge!

I was enjoying a nice walk on the riverside, everything was nice, the landscape, the waterfall.

A small speedboat sharked me as I walked by, a man on the boat started yelling, “IN YOUR FACE!”

He then stumbled and fell in the river, his head crashed down with a KERBLUNK! ‘Uhg…” I moaned as I Spalshed in and swam after him.

I was running out of time trying to pull him out, his hands became free and he swam himself to saftey.

He puffed as he muffled and said, “tha-nk—-yo–u.” It was rough, but worth it. His speedboat turned around, went up the slope and hit him.