September 8

Historical Fiction – 365 Days of Rotten on the Marina

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It was 289 stressful days at sea while William sat, lonely on his bad, uncomfortable, bed-bug-infested hammock (A convict’s bed). It was 1 hour before bed and William was experiencing the tense night.The waves were getting rougher as Australia Just about appeared in the distance. Probably William was the only witness of their end, a few razor-sharp rocks.
As the rocks blindly came up to the ship, William Panicked, he dived under his hammock and braced for impact.
A very short but loud SHATTER! Could be heard. William just about poked his vision through his cell bars, he saw other convicts rushing around finding debris to clog the abyss.
A monstrous wave could be seen approaching the ship while it dwarfed every other wave.
“Oi! Pass ‘e some debris! Will ya!” a small, nimble convict heard his order and came to help.
It was William’s friend, James.
“Your welcome,” James blurted.
The ship was too heavy and failed to float over the big wave. The ship was swallowed in an instant. One second Williams room is dry, the next second, his room is submerged. He smashed the debris James had given him into his window and carelessly crawled out in a hurry but was too late and passed out.
He woke on an island inhabited by aboriginals, he got up as several spears poised to kill him. The chief spoke in a different language, after he was done two bulky aboriginals nodded and dragged William to a cell in a wet, dark, cave.
The cell was too wet and strong to climb out, it also had a weak roof. When the guards left after a long while William decided to do the plan to escape, he had thought of a way to escape until the guards left.
He had begun smashing a rock into the roof so he could pull himself to freedom. After a long, stressful time of attempts to escape William finally had it. He managed to get to small, weak canoe and start his way back to England. He was about .1% ( point .1% ) there and he already gave up. A small whaling ship managed to retrieve William, but they never believed William as a shipwrecked convict.
He then was able to get an idle job and survive. Remember, good things can overtake the bad.

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