October 21

Topic video 3,2,1


The Babylonians made their own writing to record their research about astronomy.

The Mayan used astronomical signs such as a lunar eclipse to indicate good times to do certain things.

The Mayan also made a calendar called the long count calendar consisting of a base 20 system.


Why did the Chinese burn Mayan text?

What did the Babylonian record about space?


I understand why ancient people were so interested in astronomy.

October 11


Nature was making changes. A walk through  the forest was almost how it was, see lot’s of trees, wildlife. But now there were scream that came from a place nobody knows of. The screams are said to be your screams of the future when you die but the phenomenon has not been explained yet. One day I went to the woods hoping to hear the shriek. And I did, it reminded me of a time when I had been having a doctors appointment. I screamed when I got the flu shot. I then realized that they were the same scream… Meaning I’ve been dead half my life.

September 6

100WC- but what colour should it be?

I woke up refreshed for a new day. I jumped out of bed and ran to my dresser. I choose a shirt. I didn’t care what it looked like. I brushed my teeth, I didn’t care what colour the toothbrush was. I then to the kitchen to have some breakfast. I got a cereal, i didn’t care what it tasted like. but my sister was different. She always stopped and thought before she simply decided a shirt colour. I was always hearing her say,

but what colour should it be?’  before she choose anything. This was very irritating at times. Especially when she was deciding clothe colours in the shop.

August 30

100WC- Sad river pink cooked nervous

I saw a boy sitting on a park bench. I sat next to him because I knew he had something big happen. He pulled out cooked food. I wondered what they were before he popped one in his mouth and hid the box next to his leg.

He just stared at the river. But then suddenly he turned to me. I smiled until I realized his eyes were a glowing purple. He didn’t look sad anymore and I became nervous so I stepped awayhis eyes then seemed to to study on my face and turn pink. I started to run but he disappeared into smoke. I was left alone.

August 23


Some strange things had occurred in my house this week. I was starting to feel uncomfortable, I didn’t feel safe in my home.

I decided to buy a spy camera, I thought about it, it wouldn’t even catch much. But if I didn’t feel safe I wouldn’t regret it. I ordered it. It claimed it would arrive in 2 days but they obviously were lying. But I soon found a package at my door. As I read the contents of the letter, I was aware of the smile on my face. It was here.

I set up the camera. As I expected, I caught nothing, I was probably hallucinating.

August 14

100WC- why would I do that?

Me and my friends were out in a small park. We were just goofing around when Jonathan said he would give 20 dollars to. anyone who ate the chili he was holding.

why would I do that?” Gregory said. I was going to do. I needed some milk so I ran to the store to get some milk, I was going to do it. I needed that money.

“I’ll do it,” I said confidently. Jonathan gave me the chili. I gulped it down. It didn’t seem so bad at first. Then my mouth starting burning. I drank all the milk.

“wheres my money?” I asked. He didn’t even have it…

August 8

100WC Flame Ice Lime Regularly clock

It was winter and was snowing outside. It was all normal, Jess sat up in her room, while lil’ John played video games. The clock was ticking in Jess’s room. She was regularly used to hearing this, but it still bothered her. The snow was a disgusting lime color.

“Eugh” she said aloud.The neighbors had let their dog free.

It suddenly occurred to her when the window started becoming ice.

“mom!” she called across the room.

“yes sweetie,” she replied.

“my window is icing!”

“that’s normal, come and relax near this fire I started.” Jess did. The fire was warm. And for once in a long time, she was relaxed.

July 25


the world economy was now nothing. There was no more friendship. Every man for themselves. I, Fred witstick, was not very lucky. I was forced to live in a tiny home on a mountain with my parents. But my parents never let me go near the edge. I didn’t know why. I could go to the shop, but not to look over the edge.

Pretty soon I snuck out of the house at night and looked over, so,as soon as I looked over, I saw the answer. They never let me look over because then I would know the dark truth.

There was no other world around the mountain…

June 14


Sally submit was casually reading in her bed. Suddenly, she heard a PING coming from the table. Her phone had gotten another notification. She stopped reading and went to her phone and read the message:

Congratulations! You won the new I phone X. That was the phone she always wanted! She clicked on the message, entered her password and was taken to a strange site. It said: Enter pass-code here! She was so exited she didn’t inspect the site and immediately entered her password.

Then, it said: HAHA I HOPE YOU BACKED UP YOUR DATA! But she did back up her data. …however, she couldn’t believe what she had done…

June 13


Usually, we hear about natural disasters on the news and we just think ‘Glad that’s not me!’. But some people, like me, want to know what it’s like to face one so two families were put to the test of surviving a fake disaster.

Facts: Green

Understandings: Red

Questions: Blue

There were two families that were put to face fake disasters so they could get an idea of what the real disaster is like and how they should react. The Matthews were one of thoughts families. They are a family of 4. There is Riley, Liam, Marg and Rod. In the second family Dale, Elliot, Bridget and Paul are going to go up against a serious cyclone while the Matthews face a bushfire.

As the Matthews receive their information about the bushfire, they start preparing the house. Rob and Liam fill up the bath before they go to the roof. Experts say going on roof is dangerous during the fire because you get trapped up there. They say they should be looking for updates. But soon small plumes of fire sprout up. they try to use little water sources, like the hose, to put out the fire. Suddenly, an alarm goes of in the house because their kitchen is on fire. They try to hide in the bathroom. Once again their now trapped. But fortunately the fire dies and the disaster is over. The Matthews are rewarded a medal in their bravery.

The other family (the BTN didn’t tell us ‘the other families’ sir name) had to battle a dangerous cyclone . They were told the danger and started setting up the house. Again, they started the bath. The kids knew what to do from things they might have done at school. They began bringing everything inside as heavy rain started. They were then told they had to evacuate and they drove away from the house. But the kids stopped Paul from driving through flood water. Once hearing this they decided to hide in the bathroom (why do both families think this?) until the disaster was over. It worked and they too were awarded a medal.

I understood that it is important to always be ready for a natural disaster and have a plan ready too.

I understood how much pressure there must be to be in a natural disaster.

What natural disaster should I be most prepared for?