March 20


I was climbing up a stumpy mountain in the Himalayas mountain range. I glanced up at the other mountains, they were so tall, especially Mount Everest. Through a small amount of light I saw a small figure on a massive mountain, it was a person

“How did they get up there?”  I asked myself,I thought about how they got up there. But then I got back on topic, I remembered my mission,

“Climb the mountain,” but it was so tall and I was wasn’t even near the top. But I kept on climbing hoping I would complete my mission…

March 20


Voting has been unfair over the years. Many people wanted to vote but simply, couldn’t. (Click here for BTN)

Facts: Red

Understandings: Blue

Questions: Green

Voting has been around in Australia since 1843!

Women couldn’t vote and enroll in an election until 1902.

Indigenous people couldn’t vote until 1949 and even then they had to serve in the army to get the option, it wasn’t until 1962 when they all could finally vote.

I understood that voting wasn’t fair for everyone even because the slightest thing could stop you from voting.

I understood what little amount of people could vote until some changes were made.

Why couldn’t voting be fair from the start?  

March 14


“Look at this!” My brother yelled at me. I ran over to look, it was a meteor that looked like it had smashed down 100’s of years ago. We started to dig until I hit a rock.

“Stupid rock!” It took a while to get out of the ground. My brother brought a giant teacup to put it in.

“A teacup!?” I questioned, I cooperated and put the rock in it. the tea cup was weighted down and flipped. We kept on digging until we realized the rock was the meteor and our hole was too big to climb out of…

March 7


“All hail the almighty king!” King Arthur stood on a chariot waving at everyone as his chariot drifted past.

Luke looked at Arthur as he squirmed though the the crowd

What if I was in charge?” Luke asked himself. He started to wonder what would happen if he was in charge, he would have 1000s  of servants and a lifetime supply of chocolate bars. As he wondered the chariot had disappeared into the distance.

But he still thought. Lots of fruit… and lollies… but he never would be in charge. or get anything that he dreamed of.   But he had hope…

March 7

BTN for week 6

There are three types of government that run a country, federal, state and, local.

Why do these governments exist? And what do they do?

Facts: Red

Understandings: Green

Questions: Blue

State government, this is the least powerful government. It decides how a local city or town runs. It builds roads, builds and repairs houses, and takes out trash.

State government, this government takes care of a state and manages more important things. Although it isn’t the best, it still makes hospitals, police, schools, mining and quarries and, public transport.

The most powerful government, there are only one per country depending on their democracy. This type of government is in charge of most things that smaller governments cant handle. It is in charge of trade, money and taxes, the environment, communicates and, defense

I understood how important federal government is and how much work they must do to keep the country in order.

I understood the amount of difference of power between local and state government.

How did Australia work before local state and federal government? 

February 27


It was a cold, rainy day as Donald watched the rain slowly drip down. The ladder was blown down by thheis wind. A plane flew gently by.

Donald heard a splosh around his room. He decided to investigate what the strange noise was. He passed his mean sister, she had made his life miserable for the past years.

“what’ch do’in, Loser.” Donald just trotted away.

He soon arrived where the strange noise was, it was his goldfish, splashing around because his water was brown. He got a bag of water to replace the brown water. His goldfish fro-lipped around in joy. Donald smiled.

February 27

BTN: What is Democracy?

Democracy has been around for thousands of years. But it has changed and became more favored. Tody I will show you what democracy is.

Facts: Blue

Understandings: Red

Questions: Green

Democracy has been around for a amazing time, spanning back to 7ooBC! 

Democracy is still the most popular form of government even now!

There are three types of government, Democracy, where everyone get’s a say and share their own view,  absolute monarchy, when a royal family or person get’s to make all the decisions, and dictatorship, it is alike to a absolute monarchy but only one person has power and makes all the decisions and the people who live there aren’t treated very well.

I understood how bad a dictatorship is.

I understood why democracy is so popular.

Why do people use dictatorships and absolute monarchy when they can use democracy?

February 21


Panting through the woods, Annabell rested on a large tree.

“WHO GOES THERE.” Boomed a loud noise. Annabell spun around, the tree was talking.

“I’m going insane.” Annabell said to herself.

“THE WITCHING HOURS!” The tree growled. Anna looked at her cracked watch, it was 12:00. She bolted away. A wooden figure stopped her.

“why are you running?” Questioned the alive sapling. Annabell screamed again. She tried to get out of the tree’s grasp, but she was stuck down.the tree let go,

“why are yo-” The figure turned back into a tree as if nothing happened. It was the weirdest night ever.

February 21

BTN: Cape Town Water Crisis

Recently, in Cape Town, South Africa, There has been severe water conditions, here are some troubles.

Facts: Green

Questions: Red

Understanding: Purple

Spanning for months, this drought has changed the lives of millions. Water conditions in Cape Town have become so severe that Water limits have maxed to 50 liters a day. I was confused about how much that was but it is a tiny amount. Just think about this, an short shower is a bit less than 2 liters of water! 25 showers is your daily amount…

Water is so precious that and running out so quickly water restrictions are increasing. July 4th will be called called day zero and water will be limited to 25 liters a day! That’s 12.5 showers a day… 

Cape Town is the first modern city of a reasonable size to have a serious drought.

What will the government do to save water and stop day zero from happening?

Why isn’t the government making water even stricter so they have more time to decide what to do before day zero?

I understood how bad it must to be a citizen and face these awful weather conditions. 

February 21

My SCR Application

Good afternoon 5/6B. Today I will be talking about why I will make an excellent choice to represent our class and our whole school by being an SRC.

My first point is I’ve never had even a slight leadership role. Not even green team! Being SRC would make we feel really good, anything that gives me even the slightest leadership role will make me feel confident.

My second point is how many ideas for the school that I could make a reality, A Doctor Seuss fundraiser where everyone dresses up in red and white stripes!

My third and last point is the fact that I get special opportunities that I am never able to do, for instance lead the school and have a pizza party!

Thank you listening to my points and I hope you vote for me!