April 29


It was like walking through a gloomy dungeon, the plastic was up to Fred’s ankles as he trudged through the rain forest. “Disgusting!” He yelled. Everybody spun around and nodded their heads in agreement. Plastic lay on tree branches, in bushes and the river looked as though plastic was the only thing that had ever through it.

It was true, the Ganges river almost had no hope in becoming plastic-free. Fred wrote down a few notes about the river in his diary. He then bent down and put trash in his trash bag. The same thought came flooding into his head over and over, will this ever get clean?

April 4

Banning Plastic Bags

Banning Plastic Bags

Plastic bags have been around since the early 1960’s. Since then, businesses producing them have made lots of profit. But was making them a good idea? Or was banning them? I think banning them was the better idea and here’s why:

My first reason is that they are killing sea-life. You probably already know this but not how serious it actually is. An estimate of 100,000 sea creatures die of plastic bags (excluding other plastic deaths) each year. And that’s only cases that have been found, millions could have died, but remained unknown.

My second reason is that there are reusable bags that are sold for a purpose, to be reused for future uses. But just because a bag is plastic, it doesn’t mean it isn’t reusable. Currently, we use enough plastic bags for 150 per person in the world EACH year. If we reused our plastic bags, or just used reusable bags, we could decrease that number by hundreds, or even thousands!

My last reason, is that there are destroying public, private, historical places and our riverbeds. Rivers and oceans are dumped with plastic bags, even if not all of that plastic bags, we have recorded that roughly 1% of the dumps are the plastic bags. But that is kind of crazy because so much plastic is dumped worldwide. If they were banned worldwide, it would make a huge impact. If you look on Wikipedia or google, you see how this is our next big step to making the world a better place I hope these points have persuaded you into trying to make a difference.

Thank you for reading this, and always remember to bring a reusable bag!


Zoom in on this chart of the bag ban twitter analysis

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April 1

BTN reflection














A crew would probably have felt angry or sad they got hired for this. They might have felt guilty that they had just taken the aboriginals land. A convict’s point of view would be fully negative. From the BTN I watched, they hated it a lot but were looking up and thinking of a better future. The aboriginals were probably pretty annoyed that the English took their land, without asking! They were probably pretty happy before the English came
March 29

Review on Cape Bridge water coastal camp 2019


This camp was easily the best I had been on that this school has held. From caving to abseiling, I loved almost everything about this camp.

We started off on day one where we left on a bus to the camp. We had three breaks along the way which were good, to stretch my legs every 2 hours. When we arrived we didn’t do much. We had a little tour around the area and went on a hike to a small boat dock called a ‘jetty’. Along the way were some amazing scenes of the beautiful bay. We went back to camp and had a few looks around our cabins, and then we had dinner.

Day two was the start to all the adventurous activities this camp had to offer. We started the day up and early at about 8:50 and learned to surf. I managed to stand up, but I only lasted about 2 seconds before tumbling into the waves. Even though I didn’t get to stand up again, it was still ready fun. The next activity was beach time. Not very interesting, we just played on the beach. Then we went snorkelling with seals. Yay. I heard of people getting to hug them and stuff but they just looked at me and said ‘nope’ I guess. Our last activity was abseiling. This time I said ‘nope’ I chickened out as soon as I looked over the cliff. Then we headed back to camp and had dinner.

Day three was… interesting… we woke up and had breakfast and then things started going super slow and it took forever for them to organize caving and let us go. When we did arrived I started freaking out in my head. I didn’t want to go 23 meters underground and get stuck in tiny gaps! But I pushed myself and had a good time. Although, a lot of it we had to slide on our stomachs or crawl or roll. That totally trashed up my clothes. Then we went sandboarding. I hated this the most out of everything. I managed to carry a sand board for some other lazy group up the dunes before me and Daniel went. We were going well until the end where the board slid out of course and drifted for a second before we crashed. Then I was too scared to go again. Also, the sand dunes where really hard to climb up, and they literally killed all the muscles in my body. Then when we left, the lazy group that made us carry their board became salty and made us carry theirs BACK as well. Then we went back to camp and had dinner.

The last full day had finally come. It came very fast compared to last camp because last camp was boring as heck. This day was probably the most laid back. We had five hours of beach time, but Ant said, “Hell nah” which I’m grateful for because I would not have survived five hours at the beach. Our only activity we did that day was seal tours which were actually really interesting because we went around the edge of discovery bay and did a tour of all the seals. Then we had more free time before we went geo-caging. This was like a treasure hunt, except with a GPS. We won a pack of mars bars and then another group got EXTREMELY salty and stole them. Then we had dinner.

The fifth day wasn’t that exiting. We just departed home after a long camp. The end.

March 28


Boy was it a long day… I am- or at least was, a teacher, but I got fired today.

The day started like any other. I got up and got ready for school. I got to school and went into my classroom. The bell went and students streamed in. We started doing English, when I noticed a paper plane on my desk. I was so cross that somebody had threw that. I asked the class but nobody admitted.

We started up again. I noticed more bad behavior. Then I went out of the room to make a phone-call. And when I came back in the room was in absolute chaos…

March 5


“Can you pass the red paint?” I passed the paint up to my brother. “thanks,” he exclaimed. he had decided to paint his bedroom walls yellow. He had kept it a secret so he had to use a bad ladder to reach the high bits.

“let’s head outside” he said. We walked outside to paint the outside walls. His ladder fell over and he crashed into the pavement. “F***!” He yelped, he had landed on the paint bucket. He was slowly sinking inside the bucket. He got up, went inside and put a coin in the swear jar. I wasn’t surprised.

February 28

100WC- edited

I was walking through the park when I spotted a little white bear on the ground. I picked and looked for a name tag on it, I checked on the tag and found nothing except the brand name on it. The brand was called “iney” which made me suspicious, I had never heard of that brand before.

I felt bad for the owner that had lost his bear. I went back to the park and put the bear back onto the ground, hoping the owner would find it. But I had only just continued a huge circle of people doing the exact same thing…

February 20


I was walking through the park when I spotted a little white bear on the ground. I picked and looked for a name tag on it, I checked on the tag and found nothing except the brand name on it. The brand was called “iney” which made me suspicious, I had never heard of that brand before.

I tried taking it to the police to try and find it’s owner but they said it wasn’t worth their time to look into. I didn’t know what to do with it so I put it on a short light post only for the cycle to restart again.a teddy bear

February 12


Isla was a violinist. She had been playing for a few years and was preparing for her big consert. It was her moment to shine in front of 76 people. She was playing “morning mood” by Edvard Grieg. It wasn’t exactly the easiest song to learn but she had it pretty well.

When the big day came she knew she was going to do well. She could already imagine bowing as roses were thrown at her. She stood up and walked to her stool. She sat down and started playing. it was completely out of tune. Her face turned red in embarrassment as the crowd booed…

December 17

Reflection on 2018 By Evan Valentine


2018 seemed like the shortest year in the world. And now were here, 5 days till the end.                                                      I am going to reflect on this year now.

2018 was my first year 5/6. And I’m not going to forget it. This year was amazing, introducing me, and the other year fives to lots of unique things we did. The first thing I found interesting and cool were the new topics. We studied the government for the first term. I wasn’t expecting a topic that was this boring but I soon got used to it. It was probably the first topic I was utterly clueless about.

The topics later in the year got a bit more interesting but I’ll discuss them later. The second thing I found interesting I actually enjoyed. It was the summer sports also known as ‘Gala’.   We got to pick a sport to do for the rest of the term. I choose hot-shots, which was pretty much a modified soccer game with a court about 3×3 meters instead of the rough 13×8. It was a good sport and I liked about 80% of the aspects. The only thing I didn’t really enjoy was the sun, we had to sit in the sun for about 4 hours in total, occasionally going onto the courts to practise or play. That was annoying, but it didn’t make me regret my choice. That was mainly what we did in the first term.

The second term was better in my opinion. Being action packed with stuff, it was still pretty cool; we studied natural disasters this term. Natural disasters was one of my favourite topics this year, probably because I came in knowing about 90% of stuff we learned. But it was mainly about how to make a graph, and natural disasters was the topic there to make sure the others didn’t die of bordum.

A bit through the term, we found out our Prep buddies. Buddies were preps that were partnered up with a 5/6 to see how the leaders of the school act and also have fun with them, we mostly did picnics on the playground on Thursday for our activity.

The second thing that stood out on the second term was the debates. Debates was a very interesting thing that made the whole class play a sort of boring game (I’m not sure how that works); and almost all of us got a role, almost. What basically happened was two teams got together and debated a chosen topic. They got together about a week before the actual week it was held and started researching facts and info to win. The first person that spoke introduced the topic, their teammates, and a few arguments. Then the first person of the opponent’s team did the same thing. After their first person did their stuff your second speaker got up. They added in a few facts then did a rebuttal. In a rebuttal you pretty much just prove their facts wrong. I call them the burner because that’s what they do. Then their second got up, then your third. All the third did was a rebuttal. That what a debate was like.

We also had winter sports in this term, they were a lot like summer sports except different sports to choose from. I choose T-ball.

The last thing we did that term was surprisingly on the last week. You guessed it, it was camp. Camp was held at Canberra, also known as the capital territory. It was a ten hour drive to get there. It lasted five days. 2 days to get there and back, 3 days to kick around. The camp was the last part of the government topic. We visited a heck load of museums, the federal government building, and we even visited ‘Questacon’, kind of like the ‘Science Works’ of Canberra except 50x bigger.

We had finally reached term 3, that’s right, where half way there ohhh were living on a prayer– umm, sorry about that. Term three was probably the blandest of all the terms. We did basically nothing this term. The topic was chemical changes and reactions. And the only exiting and new thing we really did was a new sport called SEPEP, kind of like summer and winter sports but a modified soccer game was the only sport and we never went out of the school to play meaning we only versed are own school.

We had reached the home stretch of the year- term four. This was the most exiting term. We were able to go for a variety of leadership roles, but I only went for two. School captain and green team captain. But in the end I only got the Green team. This term we did no sports except teaching the year fours about the four summer sports and an example on playing them and a few drills. With our prep buddies, we had a picnic that day, but it rained very heavily and it was moved inside he school doing indoor activates. The week before I wrote this, I found out 2 of my best friends were leaving the school on the day they were planning to leave, so that was tough. (Edit: they actually tricked me)

Now were at the end. At now, the main part of what this paper was meant to be about, complaints about why this year sucked! (It didn’t suck though).

  • I think the school needs to be a bit more organized with their notes
  • I think we should do something other than SEPEP next year
  • I think that we need to have better camp food (I’m not sure about next camp but the food was bad at my previous camps)
  • We need an easier way to get up the stairs.
  • I think we should lower the homework because it became too stressful.
  • We need to split the break time to something like 20 minutes every 2 hours.

So I am pretty sure that’s my last complaint. They all sound pretty stupid but it would be a lot better for me so that’s 2018 put into 1025 words. Thank you!